Splash Drone 3 – Waterproof, 14MP & 4K Video.

Splash Drone 3 is an innovation drone by SwellPro that is good at land as well as in water. In general, flying a drone must be very careful about the weather and surrounding conditions because it is vulnerable to water. Raining or splashing into the water, the drone is certain to be damaged and could not be used anymore.

First gushed 2 years ago, SwellPro now presents an amphibious update on the Splash Drone 3. This waterproof designed drone has 2 models namely Auto and Fisherman.

What is the difference?

Splash Drone 3 : Auto vs Fisherman

Auto can be controlled using a mobile application and offers a “follow me” feature with a 4K camera gimbal system that has been used before. Whereas Fisherman has a fixed camera but without the follow me or mobile application features.

Even so, the main advantage of Fisherman is that it can carry loads up to 1 kg.

Not only is it strong enough to carry it, the Fisherman can also drop the load by moving it remotely. This ability can be used to do fishing recordings to first aid in waters.

Splash Drone 3 Auto has an average speed of maximum 4 mps with 16 mps when flying. The height can reach 4000 meters. In addition there are thin differences about the duration of flight, Auto can fly for 16 minutes while Fisherman 18 minutes.


SwellPro is updating this orange drone to be more resilient with a 620kv motorbike and a more powerful 1242 carbon fiber propeller compared to its predecessor. With this, you can fly it in difficult weather conditions, both in the air and in the water.

The updated modular system is also claimed to make the Splash Drone 3 able to adapt quickly to all types of missions. Starting from “assignments” for aerial filming, search and rescue in the waters, sea surveys, fishing and many more can be easily harvested.


The remote control also does not forget to update the design to be more simple. Equipped with a 5 inch FPV monitor, the pilot will be able to stream live view and OSD directly from the controller. Pilots can also control the drone and use Mission Planning and Follow Me modes.

But it should be remembered, this controller is only for Splash Drone 3 Auto version only.

Waterproof 4K camera

The Splash Drone 3 is the first modular waterproof drone with a 4K camera and a 2-axis gimbal built-in that is resistant to all weather to produce high-quality photos / videos. Camera recording with 25fps speed and ultra HD quality.

While the quality of the 14MP snapshot is provided with a 1 / 2.3 “CMOS sensor, the maximum aperture is f / 2.0 and ISO starts from 100 to 1600.

SwellPro itself guarantees that the camera is sealed so that it is waterproof, even IP67 certified. All materials are made of high quality stainless steel and the motor is specifically coated with anti-corrosion salt water.

Splash Drone 3 Highlight

  • Splash Drone 3 is guaranteed to be 100% waterproof and can land on the ground and float in both freshwater and sea water. So it has been designed to be corrosion resistant to salt water.
  • The body has been designed tough to work well in heavy rain, storms and bad weather.
  • The new 4K waterproof camera with 2-axis dreadlocks supports to improve the sharpness of photos and refine them.
  • The Drone 3 Splash Controller is programmed to adapt to the wet environment, offering positioning accuracy and home point.
  • New remote control with a built-in 5 “LCD to show flight status and high-quality video feeds live.
  • Innovative Bluetooth for tracking activities that are accurate and even able to take off drones.
  • The latest 620kv motorbike and carbon fiber 1242 quick release propeller that increases power and resistance to waves.
  • The Splash Drone 3 also has a removable module, which can be used to install fishing bait to rescue missions at sea, with a maximum load of 1 kg.

Splash Drone 3 Price

If you are interested in having a drone that is marketed through this Kickstarter, then be prepared to spend enough. Even though the body color doesn’t look serious, the price is around USD 1400.

This Small Drone Can Lift The Weight 40 Times Of His Body

(Foto: Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne/Engadget)

The drone has a propeller that makes it able to fly and even lift things. Drones are certainly capable of lifting weights with certain weight restrictions, as well as drones designed with this mini body.

Reported by Engadget, this sophisticated drone was developed by researchers at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland and Stanford University. They developed a flying robot that can move objects that weigh 40 times the weight of their own body.

Drones called FlyCroTugs are equipped with a crane, adhesive and microspine system that allows the drone, which weighs only a few ounces, to lock anything. There are parts of the grippers that can be moved depending on the surface of the landing. Drones can also take additional accessories such as wheels when needed.

When the drone will lift an object, it can remove the grippers and connect them to the object. These grippers are non-sticky adhesives designed by researchers by taking inspiration from gecko toes.

Able to Shoot Bullets, Military Drones Launched

(Foto: Steel Rock UAV)

Velvet Wasp, a drone made by a UK-based defense contractor, Steel Rock, is a war weapon that can be controlled by two people and is capable of firing ammunition with precision on moving targets. The official Velvet Wasp this year at the 2017 Dubai Air Show and follows the specifications provided by the manufacturer.

Velvet maker Wasp insisted that the technology should only be used by the government and military approved by Britain. Even so, drones have their own challenges in terms of safety and security.

Velvet Wasp is small enough to be inserted into the back of the truck and can even be folded. Made from carbon fiber, the drone weighs no more than 10 kilograms, if it is full of ammunition it becomes around 30 kilograms. The drone has eight propellers and can travel at speeds of up to 80 kmph for a distance of 100 kilometers.

Velvet Wasp also contains first aid, helps reconnaissance and launch ammunition. Ideally, this drone is controlled by two people – pilots and navigators, but can also be with one person.

Flying at an altitude of 1,000 feet or 300 meters, the drone is small enough to be difficult to catch radar. Steel Rock says Velvet Wasp can fly through the wind up to 92 kmh.

Velvet Wasp was exhibited carrying Textron Fury. Fury is a weapon system that can be launched from Harris Hornet drone missiles. This system can be controlled from laser aboard drones, GPS, and inertial navigation systems.

Drone makers say that Velvet Wasp cannot be hacked and the control signal has been encrypted, reported from the International Business Times.

Until now it is unclear whether Steel Rock will add a control system based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Velvet Wasp. There is no indication of the price of the drone.

AI-based drones are being processed by governments including the United States and Russia. Not long ago, reports about the gun-toting drone system that could handle snipers and fly in groups, were published.

Samsung Makes Drones Equipped with Screens, Like What?

(Foto: Samsung via USPTO)

Drones that can be controlled with your eyes or sounds may sound interesting. Samsung, one of the technology companies seems to be realizing the drone device.

Reported by Bgr, Tuesday (02/20/2018), the South Korean company is reportedly creating a flying device, which can recognize the user’s body movements, eye movements and voice commands. The appearance of this device seems to require time until the drone is on the market.

This innovative device was first discovered by Dutch-language sites, Let’s Go Digital with a patent dubbed “Flying display device”. As seen in the picture, it appears that a screen is pinned to the drone frame. The screen occupies a large part of the body of the drone.

The patent is intended for Samsung Display, but the documentation was first submitted in early January 2016. This device can trace the user’s eyes, head and hands.

Reportedly, the drone was built with technologies such as GPS, Wi-Fi, gyroscope, accelerometer, and vibration system. Voice recognition technology allows the device to respond to commands, and the drone can adjust the screen angle according to user needs.

If this device is truly realized, then users can rely on this device when walking or utilizing this technology both indoors and outdoors.

Use Drones, Alphabet Wants to Fight Hunger

(Foto: Reuters)

Cases of hunger still plague several countries around the world. Various ways have been done to suppress this, but nothing has been too effective.

Recently, Google’s parent company Alphabet discovered a method that would be reliable in overcoming it. They chose to use AI to increase food production.

This is done through a new division called X Lab. Through this division, they are trying to find ways to help farmers become more productive using machine learning or machine learning.

Quoting from the Engadget page, Alphabet claimed that at this time they did not have a specific solution. But certainly the X Lab and MIT teams already have a shadow, namely by using drone technology.

Alphabet claims that this technology can be used to determine when farmers should harvest or help farmers who live in areas that experience weather changes.

In carrying out this project, there are three points that they focus on. First, the project must potentially solve problems that can help millions or even billions of people.

Then, the technology must involve sophisticated technology. Third, the solution must be completed in about 5 to 10 years.

Unfortunately, the X party itself still does not want to reveal when this can happen. Because, they will still develop this technology for quite a long time.

In addition, it is still unknown whether X Lab will have a practical solution and can be used to solve the problem of food shortages.

Admittedly, AI can help in agriculture. The reason is that the United Nations recognizes that every year crop failures occur around 20 to 40 percent of total production caused by various things. Therefore, many people expect X Lab to succeed in developing this technology.

History of Drones from Past to Present

Drones or passenger unmanned aircraft are generally referred to as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) which can fly automatically with a controlling system inside them. The aircraft can be controlled to determine the distance and height.

Wikipedia notes that the use of drones has actually been applied since the first world war. Austria became the first country known to use a drone when attacking Italy on August 22, 1849. At that time, the drone was still shaped like a hot air balloon with equipment for explosives in it.

While the drones that were truly the first unmanned aircraft were designed towards the end of the first world war. At that time, the plane named Hewitt-Sperry Automatic Airplane became the first model that successfully flew in space. Control of this plane still uses the gyroscope.

After that, a control plane emerged, now known as an RC toy. Reginald Denny produced this type of aircraft en masse and supplied it to the Royal Flying Corps during the first world war. After that, the company turned into the maker of Radioplane which later became the target drone.

Meanwhile, according to Fortune, the military world has known advanced drone aircraft starting in 1995. General Atomics M-Q-1 Predator aircraft began its debut. Until now, the peswat is still used for monitoring and spying activities.

It was only in 2010, Parrot introduced the AR Drone that could be controlled via a smartphone device. This drone carries a quadcopter model that is four propellers. At that time, Parrot first introduced the AR Drone at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

After Parrot, the Amazon boss, Jeff Bezos, introduced a drone that was said to be able to be used to deliver food. The image of the drone which used to be attached to military equipment, is now beginning to be owned by many civilians.

Drones that are available after the advent of quadcopter models, are widely used for filming, documentation, photography, or even just a hobby. Parrot and DJI are the two big names currently in the unmanned aircraft market. In addition, there are also other brands such as GoPro Karma and Intel which are now beginning to explore the business in the air.

What’s the Difference Between Drones and Quadcopter?

What is a Quadcopter?


A quadcopter or multirotor is a kind of helicopter that has four arms with a machine and a propeller at the end of each arm. A quadcopter has the characteristic of a very precisely positioned rotor where a pair of rotors rotates clockwise, and another pair of rotors rotates counterclockwise.

With a configuration such that the Quadcopter can move very stable, this is what makes this remote-controlled device often used to record video areas by installing an action camera. Quadcopters basically consist of flight control devices, casings, an electronic speed control, propellers and protective frames.

An easy-to-find and easy-to-use component makes the Quadcopter very easy to assemble and repair.

What is a Drone?

Drone | http://telegraph.co.uk

Drones are officially better known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Basically, a drone is a robot that can fly. Drones can be controlled remotely or can fly alone enough through the flight routes that have been pre-programmed according to GPS directives.

Drones are more associated with military activities and some other important secret activities, for example, carrying out rescue operations, for observation and research, or even to convey other things continuously.

Although, many people are confused in distinguishing between Quadcopter and Drone, but this important thing is often overlooked, this difference is very important as important for living creatures to distinguish between Frogs and Frogs.

So What’s the Difference Between Drones with Quadcopter?

The fundamental difference between the terms “drone” and “quadcopter” is in the character. Drones are general terms used for all unmanned aerial vehicles, although quadcopter can also fly unmanned by combining the drone characters inside.

The point is an unmanned aircraft can be described as a drone or quadcopter (depending on its characteristics), but the plane cannot be classified as a quadcopter seeing from its character.

Another important difference between the two is that drones usually have a GPS setting to move from one place to another without crew, unlike a quadcopter that is generally controlled via a remote.

While unmanned aircraft have the ability to actually fly by itself with the help of GPS, some groups also make Quadcopter with built-in GPS in it to be able to fly independently.

In essence, there is no harm in saying that a quadcopter is a smaller version of an unmanned aircraft because both of them do have almost all the features associated with the term “drone.”

Drone among Wriggling Business and Flight Restrictions

DJI Spark Drone. PHOTO / cnet.com
Drones become a multifunctional tool for hobbies and become a sophisticated tool that raises security risks.

Frank Wang, a Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (HKUST) student, wants to enter a laboratory on his campus. Unfortunately, after sticking out and sticking the ID Card on the laboratory door, the access entry didn’t open. Wang thought he had been “kicked” by his professor.

He briefly forgot about college and chose to work on a “technology project.” Wang then founded the DJI aka Da-Jiang Innovations, a technology company that initially focused on creating an operating system for drones, unmanned aircraft, which developed to create drones that are now increasingly popular.

In his interview session with Colum Murphy and Olivia Geng, journalist for The Wall Street Journal, he revealed that DJI was born because “drones were his dream since childhood” after seeing a replica of a helicopter in Shenzhen, China.

“The helicopter is worth several months’ salary for the average Chinese. My family can’t afford it, “Wang said.

“But, after getting good grades on the high school exam, my parents bought him. I then assembled it, but the helicopter couldn’t fly properly. “It took several months of practice to fly it,” Wang recalled.

David Pierce, senior writer at Wired, said “DJI made the first drone not as a toy or tool, but both. This is what makes DJI the most important name in the world of drones. “DJI makes it easy for anyone to control the drone.

One of the DJI’s success points was the launch of the Phantom, a drone that was able to fly back to the point where it was launched. In one publication, The Economist mentions DJI “similar to Boeing which revolutionized commercial aviation in the 1930s. DJI has successfully transformed from a civilian drone maker for hobbyists to become a very lucrative business. “

David Pierce says “drone” refers to two definitions. A fully automatic vehicle capable of working without human hands or a vehicle “like a remote.” The original idea of ​​the drone, according to Pierce, originated many years ago, even until World War I.

The reason? controlling vehicles, especially those with high hazards, is better done remotely rather than directly. “Kattering Bug” The first automatic missile used in the 1930s and the work of Nikola Tesla was called “teleautomation” so the example of a remote control system is very important.

Drones in the sense of “easily controlled remote controlled aircraft” were born in 2010. Parrot, the creator of DJI’s similar drone, released the AR Drone at the 2010 Consumer Electronic Show. The Parrot AR Drone is a flying quadcopter controlled by an iPone or iPod Touch based controller. . In addition to the ability to fly a capable drone, the drone has a camera that can be used to record or take pictures.

After Parrot launched the AR Drone, the world of commercial drones was excited. Statista data shows there are 23.8 million drone units shipped this year. The next two years, the figure is predicted to jump to 48.3 million units.

DJI is the mighty name in the world of drones. The Recode report calls the $ 500 to $ 1,000 drones, DJI in this segment controls 36 percent of the global drone market share (2016). Parrot, one of the pioneers of this segment, was satisfied with a market share of 7 percent. Drones for the $ 1,000 to $ 2,000 segment DJI are in power. They gained a market share of 66 percent. For the $ 2,000 to $ 4,000 price segment the DJI takes a niche of 67 percent.

One of the reasons for DJI’s success “is the company’s totality about research and development, which other companies failed to emulate.”

Even though DJI really took all its capabilities on R & D drones, Rhett Allain, in his explanation at Wired, said the drones worked simply. To be able to fly, the drone requires propulsion, which when seen “looks like a fan.” A rotating propulsion knife produces air that pushes down. Then, the air pressure pushes the propulsion up. The stronger the propulsion works, the stronger the lift force produced.

Legal Drones and Umbrellas

Lino, Reatil Sales Senior Manager Hallo Robotics, one of DJI’s official distributors, said that in playing drones, there are only two core regulations: “No-fly zones and altitudes, which are limited to a maximum of 150 meters.”

The no-fly zone is in the airport area, office triangle, to the Thamrin-Sudirman area. The rest, according to Lini “people keep playing drones.” “At home, just bablas-bablas. The rules are just rules, there is no RT-RW permit, “Lino asserted.

Aviation Colonel Agung Sasongkojati who also serves as Deputy Secretary General (Wasekjen) of the Federation of Aero Sport Indonesia (FASI) said implicitly, flying drones in Indonesian air had rules. He revealed “almost most of the area in Jakarta is prohibited for drones.” This is because the reason most parts of Jakarta go to the Flight Operations Safety Zone (KKOP).

“The drone pilots must be certified, the aircraft is certified. For the public, the only choice is for him to join the Federation of Aero Sport Indonesia (FASI), “said Agung.

The issue of flying bans in the KKOP area is regulated in the Minister of Transportation Regulation No. 180 of 2015 concerning “Operation Control of Unmanned Aircraft Systems in the Indonesian Airspace.” Drones are prohibited from flying in restricted airspace, restricted airspace, and KKOP.

Besides Candy Number 180, there are quite a lot of rules that govern the operation of drones. For commercial drone flights regulated by the Ministry of Transportation, Candy number 163 of 2015 concerning civil aviation safety which regulates flight certification. Also there is Permen No. 147 of 2016 regulating the matter of flying drones in Indonesian air space.

These rules are issued no other for safety reasons. Agung considered it was possible for terrorists or criminals to use a drone for a bad purpose. Regulations are made to prevent this from happening.

Trend Drone Quadcopter, Prestigious Expensive Toys.

Different times, different games.

This statement applies in all eras and cultures. Every human culture has games that are popular and in accordance with the times when the game was created.

In ancient times there was a game of hide and seek. Congklak. Marbles. Kite. Everything is fun to be played by children and adults (who sometimes get the stamp “like children” when doing it). Everything is exciting. Everything is fun.

The millennium has arrived, and toys are leading to an electronic type and more personal. Toys also ‘go up to class’ to conditions where toys also function as a marker of one’s social status.

“Drone Quadcopter” is one of these toys.

Drone quadcopter with controllers from smartphones. Image source: youtube.com

Before these flying objects with four propellers were popular in the upper middle class, such remote control toys were popular first in other formats.

Maybe, bro, has anyone ever owned or played remote control cars? Or even a RC / Remote Control helicopter toy? Well … drone quadcopter has the same mechanism. A toy that is controlled by a remote control.

Toy helicopter with remote controller control. Image source: amazon.com

Abroad, the use of this drone quadcopter is wider than just being used as a plush toy.

For example it is used in military protocols. Like the Drone quadcopter Aeryon Scout which is small and silent when airing. With the drone surveillance camera, the manufacturer, Aeryon Labs of Canada, claims their products are a key part of the successful disclosure of the illegal drug dealer cartel network in Central America by local anti-drug officers. Aeryon Scout was able to walk through the forest while giving officers a visual display of the air so that they could find the location of drug dealers hiding in the woods.

Aeryon Scout. This little thing costs 30,000 pounds. Image source: dailymail.co.uk

Media coverage also utilizes a quadcopter drone as a camera that can reach difficult locations such as floods, fires, demonstrations, war situations, and even for entertainment such as taking celebrity photos from an angle that is difficult to do using ordinary photo methods.

News outlets begin to use quadcopter drones for coverage. Image source: cretique.com

Or bro sis might like adrenaline-driven competition? Drone quadcopter races are increasingly popular overseas. Initially this trend began in 2014 in Australia. The drone is mounted on the front body of the camera (as an ‘eye’ for the ‘pilot’ drone to see the situation in front of the drone) and like a race event, the goal of the match is to quickly reach the destination. Of course in one line / boundary that has been agreed before. Because the race is in the air, this is important so that the race participants do not cut the alias to cheat to get to the finish line first.

The pilots of the drone quadcopter are racing in the air. Image source: youtube.com

I don’t know how in Indonesia, but in a country like the United States, the operation of any type of drone is now regulated in aviation laws. The United States agency that handles aerospace issues, the FAA, requires drones of a certain size to follow the regulations they specify. This includes:

  • Must fly under an altitude of 400 feet
  • Drones must always be visible to the eye from above the ground
  • It is not permissible to fly drones in the airport / airport / military installations
  • It is prohibited to fly drones above a crowd of people such as in sports events and the like
  • It is prohibited to fly in areas that are in an emergency / require special rapid reactions

Although complicated, but these rules are indeed needed so that the drone quadcopter that is being flown does not cause accidents or dangerous conditions.

Because the drone quadcopter has components that can be deadly if it falls and about living things on the ground. For this reason, the United States is serious about arranging objects that can be categorized as toys or heavy equipment such as drone quadcopter in the legal regulation format.

In Indonesia itself, this prestigious expensive toy trend looks passionate.

Most sold in online stores, quadcopter drones circulating initially are still in the expensive category for most people. But recently cheap drones from producers at PRC began to appear to flood the market. If in the past prospective buyers had to spend up to millions of rupiah to get a 30-cm quadcopter size drone, now I see that there are online shops that sell only 200 thousand rupiah quadcopter drones. Deject it …

In the past, children played flying kites by relying on the wind, now the game turned into flying helicopter-like objects with four propellers plus a camera in its body.

Drone Quadcopter. Toys of all ages are expensive and prestigious. Image source: airspacemag.com