Able to Shoot Bullets, Military Drones Launched

(Foto: Steel Rock UAV)

Velvet Wasp, a drone made by a UK-based defense contractor, Steel Rock, is a war weapon that can be controlled by two people and is capable of firing ammunition with precision on moving targets. The official Velvet Wasp this year at the 2017 Dubai Air Show and follows the specifications provided by the manufacturer.

Velvet maker Wasp insisted that the technology should only be used by the government and military approved by Britain. Even so, drones have their own challenges in terms of safety and security.

Velvet Wasp is small enough to be inserted into the back of the truck and can even be folded. Made from carbon fiber, the drone weighs no more than 10 kilograms, if it is full of ammunition it becomes around 30 kilograms. The drone has eight propellers and can travel at speeds of up to 80 kmph for a distance of 100 kilometers.

Velvet Wasp also contains first aid, helps reconnaissance and launch ammunition. Ideally, this drone is controlled by two people – pilots and navigators, but can also be with one person.

Flying at an altitude of 1,000 feet or 300 meters, the drone is small enough to be difficult to catch radar. Steel Rock says Velvet Wasp can fly through the wind up to 92 kmh.

Velvet Wasp was exhibited carrying Textron Fury. Fury is a weapon system that can be launched from Harris Hornet drone missiles. This system can be controlled from laser aboard drones, GPS, and inertial navigation systems.

Drone makers say that Velvet Wasp cannot be hacked and the control signal has been encrypted, reported from the International Business Times.

Until now it is unclear whether Steel Rock will add a control system based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Velvet Wasp. There is no indication of the price of the drone.

AI-based drones are being processed by governments including the United States and Russia. Not long ago, reports about the gun-toting drone system that could handle snipers and fly in groups, were published.

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