History of Drones from Past to Present

Drones or passenger unmanned aircraft are generally referred to as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) which can fly automatically with a controlling system inside them. The aircraft can be controlled to determine the distance and height.

Wikipedia notes that the use of drones has actually been applied since the first world war. Austria became the first country known to use a drone when attacking Italy on August 22, 1849. At that time, the drone was still shaped like a hot air balloon with equipment for explosives in it.

While the drones that were truly the first unmanned aircraft were designed towards the end of the first world war. At that time, the plane named Hewitt-Sperry Automatic Airplane became the first model that successfully flew in space. Control of this plane still uses the gyroscope.

After that, a control plane emerged, now known as an RC toy. Reginald Denny produced this type of aircraft en masse and supplied it to the Royal Flying Corps during the first world war. After that, the company turned into the maker of Radioplane which later became the target drone.

Meanwhile, according to Fortune, the military world has known advanced drone aircraft starting in 1995. General Atomics M-Q-1 Predator aircraft began its debut. Until now, the peswat is still used for monitoring and spying activities.

It was only in 2010, Parrot introduced the AR Drone that could be controlled via a smartphone device. This drone carries a quadcopter model that is four propellers. At that time, Parrot first introduced the AR Drone at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

After Parrot, the Amazon boss, Jeff Bezos, introduced a drone that was said to be able to be used to deliver food. The image of the drone which used to be attached to military equipment, is now beginning to be owned by many civilians.

Drones that are available after the advent of quadcopter models, are widely used for filming, documentation, photography, or even just a hobby. Parrot and DJI are the two big names currently in the unmanned aircraft market. In addition, there are also other brands such as GoPro Karma and Intel which are now beginning to explore the business in the air.

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