Samsung Makes Drones Equipped with Screens, Like What?

(Foto: Samsung via USPTO)

Drones that can be controlled with your eyes or sounds may sound interesting. Samsung, one of the technology companies seems to be realizing the drone device.

Reported by Bgr, Tuesday (02/20/2018), the South Korean company is reportedly creating a flying device, which can recognize the user’s body movements, eye movements and voice commands. The appearance of this device seems to require time until the drone is on the market.

This innovative device was first discovered by Dutch-language sites, Let’s Go Digital with a patent dubbed “Flying display device”. As seen in the picture, it appears that a screen is pinned to the drone frame. The screen occupies a large part of the body of the drone.

The patent is intended for Samsung Display, but the documentation was first submitted in early January 2016. This device can trace the user’s eyes, head and hands.

Reportedly, the drone was built with technologies such as GPS, Wi-Fi, gyroscope, accelerometer, and vibration system. Voice recognition technology allows the device to respond to commands, and the drone can adjust the screen angle according to user needs.

If this device is truly realized, then users can rely on this device when walking or utilizing this technology both indoors and outdoors.

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