Trend Drone Quadcopter, Prestigious Expensive Toys.

Different times, different games.

This statement applies in all eras and cultures. Every human culture has games that are popular and in accordance with the times when the game was created.

In ancient times there was a game of hide and seek. Congklak. Marbles. Kite. Everything is fun to be played by children and adults (who sometimes get the stamp “like children” when doing it). Everything is exciting. Everything is fun.

The millennium has arrived, and toys are leading to an electronic type and more personal. Toys also ‘go up to class’ to conditions where toys also function as a marker of one’s social status.

“Drone Quadcopter” is one of these toys.

Drone quadcopter with controllers from smartphones. Image source:

Before these flying objects with four propellers were popular in the upper middle class, such remote control toys were popular first in other formats.

Maybe, bro, has anyone ever owned or played remote control cars? Or even a RC / Remote Control helicopter toy? Well … drone quadcopter has the same mechanism. A toy that is controlled by a remote control.

Toy helicopter with remote controller control. Image source:

Abroad, the use of this drone quadcopter is wider than just being used as a plush toy.

For example it is used in military protocols. Like the Drone quadcopter Aeryon Scout which is small and silent when airing. With the drone surveillance camera, the manufacturer, Aeryon Labs of Canada, claims their products are a key part of the successful disclosure of the illegal drug dealer cartel network in Central America by local anti-drug officers. Aeryon Scout was able to walk through the forest while giving officers a visual display of the air so that they could find the location of drug dealers hiding in the woods.

Aeryon Scout. This little thing costs 30,000 pounds. Image source:

Media coverage also utilizes a quadcopter drone as a camera that can reach difficult locations such as floods, fires, demonstrations, war situations, and even for entertainment such as taking celebrity photos from an angle that is difficult to do using ordinary photo methods.

News outlets begin to use quadcopter drones for coverage. Image source:

Or bro sis might like adrenaline-driven competition? Drone quadcopter races are increasingly popular overseas. Initially this trend began in 2014 in Australia. The drone is mounted on the front body of the camera (as an ‘eye’ for the ‘pilot’ drone to see the situation in front of the drone) and like a race event, the goal of the match is to quickly reach the destination. Of course in one line / boundary that has been agreed before. Because the race is in the air, this is important so that the race participants do not cut the alias to cheat to get to the finish line first.

The pilots of the drone quadcopter are racing in the air. Image source:

I don’t know how in Indonesia, but in a country like the United States, the operation of any type of drone is now regulated in aviation laws. The United States agency that handles aerospace issues, the FAA, requires drones of a certain size to follow the regulations they specify. This includes:

  • Must fly under an altitude of 400 feet
  • Drones must always be visible to the eye from above the ground
  • It is not permissible to fly drones in the airport / airport / military installations
  • It is prohibited to fly drones above a crowd of people such as in sports events and the like
  • It is prohibited to fly in areas that are in an emergency / require special rapid reactions

Although complicated, but these rules are indeed needed so that the drone quadcopter that is being flown does not cause accidents or dangerous conditions.

Because the drone quadcopter has components that can be deadly if it falls and about living things on the ground. For this reason, the United States is serious about arranging objects that can be categorized as toys or heavy equipment such as drone quadcopter in the legal regulation format.

In Indonesia itself, this prestigious expensive toy trend looks passionate.

Most sold in online stores, quadcopter drones circulating initially are still in the expensive category for most people. But recently cheap drones from producers at PRC began to appear to flood the market. If in the past prospective buyers had to spend up to millions of rupiah to get a 30-cm quadcopter size drone, now I see that there are online shops that sell only 200 thousand rupiah quadcopter drones. Deject it …

In the past, children played flying kites by relying on the wind, now the game turned into flying helicopter-like objects with four propellers plus a camera in its body.

Drone Quadcopter. Toys of all ages are expensive and prestigious. Image source:

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