What’s the Difference Between Drones and Quadcopter?

What is a Quadcopter?


A quadcopter or multirotor is a kind of helicopter that has four arms with a machine and a propeller at the end of each arm. A quadcopter has the characteristic of a very precisely positioned rotor where a pair of rotors rotates clockwise, and another pair of rotors rotates counterclockwise.

With a configuration such that the Quadcopter can move very stable, this is what makes this remote-controlled device often used to record video areas by installing an action camera. Quadcopters basically consist of flight control devices, casings, an electronic speed control, propellers and protective frames.

An easy-to-find and easy-to-use component makes the Quadcopter very easy to assemble and repair.

What is a Drone?

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Drones are officially better known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Basically, a drone is a robot that can fly. Drones can be controlled remotely or can fly alone enough through the flight routes that have been pre-programmed according to GPS directives.

Drones are more associated with military activities and some other important secret activities, for example, carrying out rescue operations, for observation and research, or even to convey other things continuously.

Although, many people are confused in distinguishing between Quadcopter and Drone, but this important thing is often overlooked, this difference is very important as important for living creatures to distinguish between Frogs and Frogs.

So What’s the Difference Between Drones with Quadcopter?

The fundamental difference between the terms “drone” and “quadcopter” is in the character. Drones are general terms used for all unmanned aerial vehicles, although quadcopter can also fly unmanned by combining the drone characters inside.

The point is an unmanned aircraft can be described as a drone or quadcopter (depending on its characteristics), but the plane cannot be classified as a quadcopter seeing from its character.

Another important difference between the two is that drones usually have a GPS setting to move from one place to another without crew, unlike a quadcopter that is generally controlled via a remote.

While unmanned aircraft have the ability to actually fly by itself with the help of GPS, some groups also make Quadcopter with built-in GPS in it to be able to fly independently.

In essence, there is no harm in saying that a quadcopter is a smaller version of an unmanned aircraft because both of them do have almost all the features associated with the term “drone.”

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